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  • Gaelle’s “Total Look” Swimsuit
  • Gaelle’s “Total Look” swimwear is a completely fresh and bold statement when it comes to swimwear. For us women who have the preference to dress rather reserved and prefer the more elegant route with regards to swimwear. Gaelle’s line of the full look swimwear allows for that adaptability. Certain occasions such as classy and elegant pool or cocktail soirees it is Gaelles swimwear that provides just enough class for that. It is the exclusiveness that makes the swimwear appealing to the eye. The simplicity of Gaelle’s swimwear allows you to add your own unique touch

Additional Information

One Piece Size

“1” – 36/38, “2” – 38/40, “3” – 42/44

Skirt Size

“1” – 36/38, “2” – 38/40, “3” – 42/44

Top Size

“1” – 36/38, “2” – 38/40, “3” – 42/44


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