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The vision behind Gaelle's swimwear design

Gaelle, Romantic Swimwear.

My name is Gaelle Asaraf, i’m a thirthy years old, born in Paris.
In addition to being an entrepreneur, i’m a fashion designer set on one ambitious goal – reinventing swimwear.
Well, actually, it’s not just an ambitious goal, i am reinventing swimwear, every day, every hour.
I know, it sounds a bit presumptuous, conceited or arrogant, even deranged, i mean – Gaelle ‘WHO?’ Reinventing? Get over yourself? And you’re right to think so, I’m just being me, i’m not a brand, not the daughter of an important embassador, i don’t star at the gossip tabloids .I’m married, mother to a beautiful daughter, i love my family and the little town i live in, by the ocean.
I’m reinventing swimwear because i believe a true woman should be feminine, subtle, attractive, charming princess, bit tempting – but not undressed.A true woman should reveal just enough, in order to reveal enough, to tap but not touch, to hint and secede, make the world spin by a simple look.
A true woman doesn’t undress at the beach, but at the bedroom, with her chosen one.Whomever walk past the memory lane might recall that Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot didn’t undress at the beach, they arrived dressed properly, glowing, mysterious – subtly seducing, and they were the greatest feminine symbols around the world.
I would like to take you back forward, add my own twist and personal charm, replace the crudness with exquisite feminine swimwear, allowing you to feel like a princesses – at any age, any state, any size.

I’m reinventing swimwear because i’m a hopeless romantic.

Yours, Gaelle.

We reinvented swimwear

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reinventing swimwear

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